photo: The Grammys / Screenshot

A lot went down in the entertainment world this past year. But between all the blockbuster movies and hit records, there was something even more vital: MEMES! 

Many of the year's biggest movie and celeb moments spawned some of 2018's most unforgettable memes. As always, Twitter led the way in shaping meme culture, and we are oh-so grateful for it. 

Below, we recap the memes that had us LOLing and retweeting nonstop all year long. Without a doubt, 2018 blessed the world with memes that will forever live in infamy.

Rihanna's performance at the 2018 Grammys inspired this meme that perfectly captured that I-can't-wait-to-eat-this-delicious-food feeling.

The accuracy tho!

The Netflix film To All the Boys I've Loved Before spawned this hilarious meme. 

Absolutely savage.

Avengers: Infinity War is what gave us this meme that spoofed one of the film's most tearjerking scenes.

The memes were definitely funnier than the actual scene itself, which had many Marvel fans grieving.

When Cher returned to Twitter, her short greeting quickly became the meme that kept on giving.

Hi, yes, 911? I've been attacked.

And apparently the movie Christopher Robin was not released in China due to the, um, striking resemblance between Winnie the Pooh and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

How was this an actual thing?!

Remember this kid from the Super Bowl who seemed less-than-impressed with Justin Timberlake's halftime performance?


And who can forget this moment at the Oscars when Jennifer Garner appeared to have some sort of monumental realization?

Never change, Jen!