Not only do most states allow women to breastfeed in public, many have laws that protect them while they're doing so.

But not everyone knows that, as Ashley Cooper discovered when she took her family to the Short Pump Mall in Richmond, Virginia to see the Easter bunny.

The mother of two was with her kids and her husband when her infant daughter cried to be fed. Cooper began feeding her when a security guard came over and told her she needed to do that in a nursing room.

And that's when Cooper took out her phone and began livestreaming.

"Security has just informed me I have to go into a nursing room, of which they have one, and it is currently occupied," she said, her baby in her arms. "I informed them that in the state of Virginia breastfeeding moms can nurse anywhere they are legally allowed to be, and they are trying to tell me that I cannot feed my baby on a bench in a corner."

"The security [guard] is on the radio with somebody," she told the camera. "I'm furious right now."

Another shopper at the mall, who had been witnessing the whole thing, approached Cooper and expressed her sympathy over the situation.

"That's so wrong," the other shopper said. "You're not even showing anything!"

"I'm not going anywhere," Cooper said.

Cooper's livestream has been viewed more than 135,000 times and received over 600 comments.

photo: iStock Photo

The Short Pump Mall did, eventually, apologize, Cooper later wrote in the caption of the video:

"They offered apologies. ... I hold no grudge toward the mall and will continue to shop and nurse there. I hold no ill-will toward the security guard — she thought she was doing her job. I am frustrated that she thought nursing women aren't allowed to feed their babies in public. I am frustrated with the lack of training and education regarding nursing mothers rights.

"Short Pump Town Center has apologized and has pledged that they are going to incorporate the laws regarding rights of breastfeeding mothers to their security training."

Right on, mama! Watch Cooper's video below: