Chloe Bridgewater is only seven years old, but she's already set up for a career at Google.

The Hereford, England native penned an endearingly earnest application to the tech company after learning about it from her father. Andy Bridgewater told Mashable his daughter set her sights on working for Google after learning that employees could sit on bean bags and ride go-karts.

Bridgewater encouraged his daughter to send an application to the company, in the form of a handwritten letter.

"Dear Google boss," the letter begins, "My name is Chloe and when I am bigger I would like a job with Google. I also want to work in a chocolate factory and do swimming in the Olympics."

Chloe later touts her scholastic skills ("my teachers tell my mum and dad I am very good in class and am good at my spelling and reading and my sums") and her interest in the field ("my dad gave me a game where I have to move a robot up and down squares, he said it will be good for me to learn about computers").

She ends the letter by saying she doesn't really know what a job application is, but she hopes the letter will do. Little did she know, the letter has been quite effective.

Chloe and her father had the surprise of their lives when they received a response to the letter — from Google's CEO.

The letter, dated February 3, came on official Google stationary. It was signed by Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO of almost two years.

"Thank you so much for your letter," reads the response, which Bridgewater posted on LinkedIn. "I'm glad that you like computers and robots, and hope that you will continue to learn about technology."

Pichai also encouraged Chloe to "work hard" and "follow your dreams." The company has long been open about its struggle to bring more women and ethnic minorities into its workforce.

"I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school!" Pichai concluded.

Bridgewater said the response has only made his daughter more eager to work for Google.

"Can't thank such a busy person enough to take time out to make a little girl's dream become one step closer," he wrote, "although not sure she's fully aware that it'll take more than riding go karts and sleeping in pods to make it with Google!"

Keep dreaming big, Chloe.