Consent is a very serious issue. Sexual partners need a clear and sober "yes" from each other. There is no room for vagueness.

So when Consent Condoms took it upon itself to create a line of condoms with messages that "will start a conversation about how to ask for consent before engaging in any sexual activity," it needed to get it right. 

Unfortunately, the graphic design on one of its condoms did exactly the opposite — leaving its dubious message up for interpretation. 

The condom reads, "GO FURTHER WITHOUT CONSENT," which obviously sounds like the condom is instructing its user to rape.

What the brand was hoping to accomplish by placing the donut illustration in front of the phrase was to communicate the opposite. 

We're meant to read, "DO-NUT GO FURTHER WITHOUT CONSENT." It's supposed to be cute and punny, but, uh, it's not obvious at all.

The fact that this graphic design actually made it into production is truly questionable. According to Cosmopolitan, this particular design didn't raise any brows during its inception.

And Twitter was quick to point out that trying to make a serious issue into a pun is inappropriate anyway.

It should've never been approved in the first place.

It's not just confusing, it's irresponsible.

Of course, now the condoms have been removed from the Consent Condoms Say it With a Condom page altogether.

But a company that's trying to "start a conversation" about a very important issue should know better than to trivialize it with "cutesy" puns. In contrast, many of the condoms on its page have very important messages with fittingly bold designs, such as its "CONSENT IS NEVER IMPLIED" and "SILENCE IS NOT CONSENT" condoms.

But many of the ones that go for food and mustache puns are not immediately clear and "lighten" the conversation in a way that's unnecessary. We don't need to make sexual assault a palatable conversation, and we certainly don't need condoms to try and make it one.