For many people, the holidays are typically meant for unwinding and reconnecting with loved ones. For others, however, getting time off during the holiday season isn't a given. 

That was the case for Pierce Vaughan, a Delta flight attendant who was scheduled to work on both Christmas Eve and Christmas this year. According to 11 Alive, her father, Hal Vaughan, learned about her work commitments and decided to join her as she traveled the skies from New Orleans to Detroit, Detroit to Fort Myers, Florida, back to Detroit, and then to Hartford, Connecticut. 

On one of the flights to Detroit, Hal was sitting next to passenger Mike Levy, who wrote a Facebook post about the jet-setting dad-daughter duo that has since gone viral.

The holidays are fun! It's the most magical time of the year!

But between making travel plans, hosting family and friends, buying gifts, trying not to go broke in the process of buying said gifts, and a million other things, they can also be very stressful.

And if you're stuck working on Christmas when you'd rather be partaking in festivities and traditions with loved ones, that can be a real downer.

Pierce Vaughan, a Delta flight attendant, had to do just that. She was scheduled to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas. 

But her dad, Hal Vaughan, wasn't about to let her work schedule get in the way of her being able to spend time with family during the holidays. He immediately sprinted into action.

According to 11 Alive, he chose to fly the friendly skies alongside his daughter, keeping her company as she worked through the holidays.

"The pair flew together from New Orleans to Detroit, and then Vaughan worked three flights where her dad was a passenger from Detroit to Fort Myers, back to Detroit, and then to Hartford," reports 11 Alive.

During one flight, Hal was seated next to Mike Levy, who struck up a conversation with the doting dad. Levy shared their sweet story on Facebook, and it quickly went viral.

And the general consensus is that Hal wins Father of the Year.

A true hero, indeed. 

As it turns out, Hal booked a total of six flights and was able to fly with his daughter thanks to her Delta employee benefits. According to Delta's website, those benefits include free or reduced travel for spouses, minor dependent children, and parents.

Definitely a smart move, if we do say so ourselves. 

This is the kind of uplifting, feel-good holiday content we all deserve.

Way to go, Hal!