photo: Instagram / Jess McGuire

A Melbourne, Australia woman has unleashed the fury of the avocado gods on the internet.

Jess McGuire shared a photo of "deconstructed avocado toast" that costs $18. The utter absurdity of having to order a meal that you then have to prepare yourself and already costs more than it should has got the internet going crazy. 

This highlights how trendy cafés latch onto cultural cash grabs to make money, and how the result of that is millennials then get a bad rep with the olds. 

McGuire became a national hero — now international hero — for bringing this epidemic to the forefront of the cultural conscience. 

We don't get the heroes we want, we get the heroes we need!

The emotional labor of having to make your own avocado toast after paying $18 for it is beyond me. 

photo: Emerald Pellot / revelist

This extremely farcical avocado toast that is so unreal it is a parody of itself comes in the wake of old, wealthy douche nozzles telling the most stressed-out generation with statistically proven financial disadvantages that they should stop eating avocado toast to be able to pay for things that cost way more than avocado toast.

I mean, yes, avocado toast is a trendy cash grab, but no one is in debt because of avocado toast. They're in debt because 99 percent of the country's wealth is concentrated in the hands of 1 percent of the population.

And while unemployment is at an all-time low, businesses refuse to raise wages and salaries, while the cost of living increases. So yes, millennials are hardworking despite the unfounded rumor that we are not. We're just not paid as much as our grandparents and parents. 

In fact, nearly half of Americans can't afford to pay for basic needs like housing and food. 

Furthermore, 40 percent of Americans couldn't afford an emergency expense of $400 or more. 

So yes, it's funny to make fun of avocado-toast-loving millennials, but the reality is a smartphone is essential for most of our jobs (I once had a boss scream at me because I didn't have cable TV, when he didn't even pay me enough to pay my rent), and the system is broken, not us. 

Until we vote out the dweebs in charge, I'll happily enjoy my avocado toast in my apartment with three roommates as I make my student loan payments on time.