Welcome to the internet! It's where anything is possible. Or, at the very least, it's where the most bizarre things go viral and you just kind of have to ride the wave. 

A recent example of this phenomenon was a post from Twitter user @rudy_mustang. As BuzzFeed pointed out, last week he asked people to "find the weed smoker" among an assortment of emoji. Ah, but apparently you can't actually find them because "they live among us, looking like normal people. The only real difference is they're going to hell." 

And let's just say that the Twitterverse had a little too much fun with meme-ifying this strange attempt at humor.

Let's get right down to it. Here's the full context of the tweet/joke in question.

Of course, we're assuming it was an attempt at humor. Was it sarcasm? Satire? 

Whatever the case, people wasted no time taking @rudy_mustang's tweet and making meme masterpieces.

We. are. in. tears.

This person had no problem calling folks out for procrastinating.

Some used the viral moment as an opportunity to uplift and inspire, which we are totally here for.

A few of these actually made some very educational points.

Yay, science!

Even our favorite sobfest of a show got in on the action.

Props to this person for coming up with the most meta version of this meme.

Per usual, Android users were an easy target.

Someone took aim at anime fans.

And there was this valuable reminder to always watch your back.

Never change, internet.