Lauren Duca drama
photo: Instagram/Duca.Lauren

At the beginning of this year, many believed that Lauren Duca was at the top of her game. The 28-year-old New York City–based freelance journalist, feminist, and political columnist, who formerly wrote a column for Teen Vogue titled "Thigh High Politics" and was in the process of writing her first-ever book, was one of social media's favorite feminists, and was offered to teach her own course at New York University.

But if there's anything that this world has taught us, it's that all of that success can be gone in an instant. This may be the case for Duca after her entire class reported her to the university, and one Buzzfeed article exposed even more secrets. 

Read all the drama ahead. 

So this is Lauren Duca, a self-proclaimed feminist and one-time Teen Vogue columnist, who because of her work in the fight for women's "equality" was gifted her own whole course at New York University. 

"'Lol this 'radical partisan' openly believes the guiding aim of democracy is building a more equitable society, and that journalism must provide intersectional perspectives in empowering the public with the foundation of information that project requires, but, other than that, hi mom and dad, do you guys still watch Fox? Also: *fart noise*," she joked about the announcement months ago in March ahead of her teaching debut. 

And to get straight to the point, that class didn't really go well. 

It was documented by BuzzFeed News reporter Scaachi Koul in what was supposed to be a journey into Duca's upcoming book. That said journey took a swift turn for the worst, and on the last day of the course, the entirety of her class filed a complaint about her. "My profile of Lauren Duca started with us discussing her new book and her complicated public perception. It ended with her entire NYU summer class filing a formal complaint against her," Koul wrote, publishing the article on her personal Twitter page. 

The reports of her behavior are rather disturbing. 

The students accused her of targeting specific students, one of which was an exchange student who struggled to understand the language and was ostracized by Duca. It was also detailed that she would leave the class for 45 minutes to an hour at a time to "meditate," and the class didn't have real classroom structure. And to add insult to injury, students said she spoke condescendingly to them regarding the teachings and readings. 

The allegations are sure to put a damper on book sales. 

The September 27 release, which was once projected to be extremely successful, is now completely up in the air, with Duca being called "fradulent," "phony," and just downright "cruel." Social media is understandably in shambles, and her comments are inundated with insults. 

The situation has brought to light once again the problems of what people have referred to as white feminism and the issue of the lack of intersectionality.

But she's not the only one catching heat. 

For NYU to be such an esteemed university, the fact that Duca received the course is not sitting well with many. "The most maddening part of that whole Lauren Duca piece is that NYU up and handed a 20-something with no teaching experience, no educational background and only a few years into a professional career an entire college course. That's a complete mockery of teachers & professors," someone wrote.