Marquis McNeil

Marquis McNeil

photo: Twitter/Mute_McNeil

Black men are uniting for a hilarious reason: They're stealing their girlfriends' headwraps to exact revenge for rampant hoodie theft.

The war began in September, when men began stealing and wearing their girlfriends' hoodies.

In response, #TakeHerHoodie trended on Twitter. It showed men stealing their girlfriends hoodies. Now, the war's escalated to the next level.

Marquise McNeil is fed up with his girlfriend stealing his hoodies, so he stole her headwraps — and made a perfect top knot.

His tweets quickly spread and many men soon joined in.

McNeil told BuzzFeed News that he didn't expect such a great response, but he's glad his tweet resonated.

"I wasn't expecting so many people to participate," he said. "It's nice to know I’m not the only one whom has had his hoodie stolen and is fed up with it."

As the men wage war, there's still a question that hasn't been answered:

I know who I'll be asking to tie my headwraps from now on.

Your skills have not gone unnoticed.