Map of My Room photos from 2010 to 2016

A map of My Room photos

photo: John Thackwray

Forget traveling around the world in 80 days. You can now see glimpses of the globe through 100 bedrooms.

French photographer and filmmaker John Thackwray depicts colorful, detailed rooms from 55 countries in his "My Room Project" series. He started the project out of curiosity about other cultures. 

"I was curious about lifestyle and culture, about how the world is mutating faster and faster," Thackwray told Revelist.

So, he spent the past six years interviewing 1,200 people between the ages of 18 and 30 about their lives and their bedrooms for "My Room, Portrait of a Generation."

(Joseph, 30 — artist living in Paris, France)

"I've written their stories, and gave them a way to express themselves about the world of tomorrow," Thackwray told Revelist. "Each person has their own story and they can talk about something that is wider and more universal."

While the photos tell descriptive stories, Thackwray actually spends very little time composing and shooting. He's mostly focused on persuading people to participate in the project. 

(Gullé, 29 — actress living in Istanbul, Turkey)

(Élahé, 29 — painter living in Tehran, Iran)

(Maleeq, 28 — entertainer living in New York, United States)

Thackwray approached people on the street for photos, but he more often worked with nongovernmental organizations or made connections through social media.

“I would say i developed different skills to approach people and stay in the safe zone,” Thackwray said. “In every new country I need to establish quickly a safe network of people [I can trust] who understand what I’m doing and are ready to help me.”

(Ryoko, 25 — IT engineer living in Tokyo, Japan)

(Ezekiel, 22 — warrior living in Manyata, Kenya)

(Yuan, 22 — seller living in Dali, China)

Even though he’s finalized his selections for his book, Thackwray is still interviewing and photographing people in their rooms to further his project.

"I continue this work and spend so much time and energy on this project, because I quickly felt that if I don't get these shots, no one's gonna take [them]," Thrackwray said. "It's easy to imagine the same photos with the parents of my [subjects from] 20 years ago. It could have been so different."

"The world is changing so fast and I feel it's important to document the lifestyle of my generation."

(Asha, 17 — housewife living in Bamansemaliya, India)

(Oleg, 24 — telecom engineer living in Novosibirsk, Russia)

(Pema, 22 — Buddhism student living in Kathmandu, Nepal)

Thackwray said traveling has helped him understand the many misconceptions people have about impoverished communities.

"Poor communities are not necessarily violent... I also feel that many people always confuse comfort and happiness. Actually I've seen more smiles in poor countries, and much more depression in developed countries," Thackwray said.

"Inequalities and ignorance are the main scourges of humanity."

(Osia, 18 — shepherd living in Ha Selomo village, Lesotho)

(Marcello, 18 — high school student living in La Paz, Bolivia)

(Sabrina, 27 — kindergarten teacher living in the Chatila, Lebanon)

"My Room, Portrait of a Generation" is available for pre-order.