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(Asha, 17 — housewife living in Bamansemaliya, India)

(Oleg, 24 — telecom engineer living in Novosibirsk, Russia)

(Pema, 22 — Buddhism student living in Kathmandu, Nepal)

Thackwray said traveling has helped him understand the many misconceptions people have about impoverished communities.

"Poor communities are not necessarily violent... I also feel that many people always confuse comfort and happiness. Actually I've seen more smiles in poor countries, and much more depression in developed countries," Thackwray said.

"Inequalities and ignorance are the main scourges of humanity."

(Osia, 18 — shepherd living in Ha Selomo village, Lesotho)

(Marcello, 18 — high school student living in La Paz, Bolivia)

(Sabrina, 27 — kindergarten teacher living in the Chatila, Lebanon)

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