photo: Hulu

Anyone with half a brain knows that oppression is not sexy. But that didn't stop lingerie and costume retailer Yandy from releasing a racy "Brave Red Maiden" costume. It's an obvious reference to the dystopian Hulu series "The Handmaid's Tale" based on the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name. The costume features a hooded red cloak, red mini dress, and white bonnet, meant to mimic that of the handmaids in the series, except "sexier." It's truly...something.

"An upsetting dystopian future has emerged where women no longer have a say," the costume description states. "However, we say be bold and speak your mind in this exclusive Brave Red Maiden costume."

ICYMI: "The Handmaid's Tale" is set in Gilead (once the U.S.), a totalitarian society where women are treated as property and are forced into sexual slavery. I shouldn't have to explain why this isn't "sexy," yet here we are.

Obviously, you can wear whatever you want for Halloween and I can't stop you. But I don't think sexualizing a character subjugated by men is exactly socially conscious.

Especially given the status of current society.

I'm not one to be offended and outraged by every little thing, either. I'm just saying the age of #MeToo probably isn't the right time to attempt this ironic "sexy handmaid." Rather than being funny, or "empowering" as Yandy intended, it's just...sad.

The internet felt the same way, so Yandy did what every other brand at the receiving end of brewing controversy would do: removed it from its site.

The brand released an apology statement, but as you know, the internet is forever.

Unfortunately for Yandy, the controversy brought the brand's other designs into the spotlight.

The site has a slew of other controversial costumes in stock and people quickly took notice, asking for the removal of those as well.

photo: Yandy

Others called the brand out for charging ridiculous amounts for barely-there costumes.

While it hasn't responded to the second wave of backlash, we can at least celebrate the fact that less people will get their hands on the "Brave Red Maiden" costume now that it's gone.

Dressing up in a sexy Halloween costume can be empowering in its own right. But referencing a show about rape and misogyny — or offending another culture — is definitely not the way to do it.

photo: Hulu