Ah, Christmastime. It's a season for selflessness, reflection, joy, cheer, and... opulence? 

In Queen Elizabeth's annual Christmas address, she said, "Faith, family, and friendship have been not only a constant for me but a source of personal comfort and reassurance." While her remarks certainly seemed to come from a good place, it was where she delivered them that got some people criticizing the Queen for being tone-deaf. 

Naturally, she gave the speech in her home, a.k.a. Buckingham Palace. But she was also sitting in front of a very ornate (and very gold) piano that Twitter could not help but notice.

Queen Elizabeth delivered her annual Christmas address earlier this week.

And Twitter zeroed in on one aspect of her speech that could not be ignored. The issue? That ridiculously opulent gold piano in the background.

Many felt that the whole thing was a bit tone-deaf.

I mean, people have some serious feelings about all of this.

"Is that piano made out of gold? How many homes could that have paid for?" 

The outrage is RIPE.

This person definitely did not hold back.

Some folks did find a little bit of humor in the situation.

While others argued that if anybody is permitted/expected to have a gold piano, it's the Queen. 

I mean, what else would you expect from literal royalty?

You have to admit, it is fitting. 

Would the Queen really have a basic black piano? That makes no sense.

Maybe we should all just let the Queen have her extravagant gold piano because, y'know, that's what queens are supposed to have.

Long live the Queen (and her gold piano)!