It's August, so it makes sense for women to find ways to keep cool. 

Tapping into this, "The Today Show" had beauty expert Deepica Mutyala craft one-minute hairstyles for the hotter-than-hot weather. But things went awry when she got to one participant's hair. 

Her hilarious fail with one Black woman's afro is the reason we can't have nice things — and why Black women don't want just anybody's hands in their hair.

Mutyala started off great. Phan, an Asian-American hair model, has straight and wet hair. So, she got a high rope-twist ponytail.

Apparently, Mutyala's expertise doesn't include Black women because she epically failed to turn Malia's gorgeous ringlets into a "piled-up pony" with bangs.

She turned her already-gorgeous 'do into a frizzy mess that no Black woman would ever wear.

No seriously, what the hell is this?

I feel you Malia. Smile through the pain of being embarrassed on national television.

This is the worst makeover we've ever seen.

"The Today Show" is really fucking up a Black woman's hair in 2016. Thankfully, this cultural ignorance did not go unnoticed on Facebook.

Facebook user Joeline Payton posted the uncomfortable — and also hilarious — moment with the status "I need answers." Its been viewed over 5.5 million times and shared over 46,000 times.

Suffice it to say, Black women won't be incorporating this botched style in their summer wardrobe.

Do better, "The Today Show." Watch a few YouTube tutorials for natural hair. Oh, and next time, hire a Black stylist to handle Black hair.

Watch the chuckle-inducing segment below:

Main Image: Screenshot from Today