Twitter bra controversy
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Another day, another Twitter battle. This time, people are divided over a surprising issue: the so-called correct way to put on a bra

It all started when Twitter user @nakaimosu asked her followers what they do when they put on a bra. It was an unexpected, if not slightly strange question to ask, but what really got people heated were the options that they were presented with: clasping the bra in front and turning it around or putting the bra on regularly and clasping from the back. 

Instantly, the Twitterverse erupted into a fierce debate that has shown no signs of slowing down. So now the real question is: Which side are you on?

Last Sunday, Twitter user @nakaimosu dropped a bomb on everyone's timeline.

She wrote: "hey y’all how do you put on a bra?? with the clasp in front of you and then turn it around, or putting the bra on regularly and clasping it from the back ??? I GOTTA KNOW" 

For a visual reference, she provided a handy graphic of the two options so people could understand how they are, in fact, totally different approaches to bra-wearing. 

Without missing a beat, Twitter responded forcefully.

Writer Jill Filipovic had a hard time believing that there are people in the world who would opt to clasp their bra in the front and deal with the hassle of turning it around. 

"Wait... there are people who clasp their bras in the front and turn them around?!" Filipovic tweeted to her 96,000 followers. 

At first, it seemed like the front claspers were in hiding.

One person remarked that they "couldn't even fathom the logistics" of being a black clasper. 

"Kind of afraid to speak up now but... I’m a front clasper," they said. "I can’t even fathom the logistics of trying to do it up at the back." To be fair, it can be tricky to master at first and definitely requires some practice.

But then they came out in full force.

"How else would you do it?" one front clasper mused. "You can't see what you're doing if you're working behind your back." 

Which, yes, is fair. But there's no reason to make us back claspers feel like we're doing something strange simply because we're able to secure that clasp without seeing it. 

This front clasper was all about injury prevention.

"Dislocating my shoulders to put on a damn bra?" they said. "No thanks." 

Others echoed that sentiment, adding that they'd prefer not to waste time struggling to clasp in the back while also risking any type of bodily harm. "I don't want a pull a muscle in my shoulder fumbling with the clasps for 20 minutes," one person wrote

However, the back claspers had their time to shine, too.

This back clasper normally deals with five separate clasps, which is honestly the most impressive thing I've heard of in recent memory. 

"I do my 5 clasps in the back," they explained. "I don't know why it would be better in the front, I still wouldn't be able to see anything under my boobs!"

For some, back clasping has always been their go-to method.

"I am team back clasp and it's always come simply and naturally," Twitter user @heatherfink wrote. "I have medium boobs. I'm also very flexible and never considered doing this any other way. I'm sharing for the data collection aspects. I think we are all learning here." 

You can get creative with back clasping, too.

Moving the bra around can help make the action itself a little easier, at least according to this Twitter user, who wrote that they move the bra to their waist in order to get the clasp fastened. 

"Then I stick my arms in and flip it up," they said. "Then arrange these H cups into place. But I’m pretty sure bras were invented by Satan. I hate them. First thing off when I get home."

And some people had their own ~unique~ bra-wearing procedures. 

Apparently there are rebellious folks out there who somehow manage to step into their bra like a skirt and pull it all the way up to their boobs. That isn't a strategy I had ever thought of before, and I must say that now I'm intrigued enough to want to try it myself. Twitter is such an educational tool, isn't it?

This person summed up the whole debate in one perfect tweet. 

"Best way to put on a bra, is to not put on a bra," they said. I mean, it really doesn't get more accurate than that. 

Anytime I'm not wearing a bra of any variety is when I'm happiest. There's just something so freeing about letting everything hang out and not having to worry about clasping hooks and adjusting straps. Surely we can all agree on that, right?