Food can be a highly sensitive subject. After all, cooking and eating are both very personal experiences influenced by how we grew up, our own interests, our cultures and travels, etc. 

So it makes sense that folks can get, well, a little passionate about specific foods. Take, for instance, chicken. For the meat eaters of the world, there's nothing better than some deliciously seasoned chicken (ideally paired with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables, but I digress). 

If we're being honest, seasoning is really a requirement for good chicken. But that apparently doesn't apply to everyone, as demonstrated by this viral photo that's making the rounds on Twitter.

You have been warned.

First things first: Twitter user @corihealey shared this truly shocking photo earlier this week. My eyes! My eyes! I want to look away, but the horror is strangely mystifying. 

She was "distraught" over the whole situation.

Apparently the "cook" in question was her boyfriend's roommate. I mean, yeah, these are very disturbing images. Who gave this person permission to cook a chicken like this?

She asked people to "pray for him."

Well, how else are we supposed to respond to this mess? Is there even salt? Why does the chicken look so...shiny?! The world demands answers.

 An absolute tragedy.

The poor soul didn't even use foil to line the tray. This is not OK. We repeat: This is not OK. How does one even consume something so flavorless. 

It was just too easy.

Shade was thrown every which way. The jokes practically write themselves. This chicken will be the gift that keeps on giving.

No one can argue with the accuracy here. Facts, facts, and more facts. Twitter is not holding back.

Also, can we talk about the lack of olive oil being used here? Or, um, any kind of oil, really?The chicken should not be sticking to the pan like that. It is wrong on so many levels.

This person responded in the only sensible manner. Hello? Yes, 911? I'd like to report a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

How are you gonna let this chicken die in vain like that? It's not right. It deserved seasoning. This was a true injustice.

Even Chipotle was at a loss for words. What is there to say? It's a tragedy that should have never happened.

This person shared a meme that was perfect for the occasion. No seasoning = I can't take you seriously. No one can take you seriously. Seasoning is LIFE.

One person was (understandably) triggered by the whole event. I'm sure those dinners were...interesting? (Just kidding, they probably weren't very good.)

Where are the herbs? The pepper? The paprika? The lemon juice? Whyyyy? Real talk, those were some of the shiniest pieces of chicken I've ever seen. And that is not normal.

In conclusion, this: 

Say it with me, everyone: Seasoning is not optional. Now go forth and make chicken that's actually edible.