Everyone loves a good proposal story. But what some people don't realize is that behind all of the romance is actually a lot of, well, stress

For starters, the person doing the asking is usually a nervous wreck because proposing marriage to anyone is kind of A Very Big Deal. Then there's the added pressure of planning out the whole thing and making it equal parts lovey-dovey and memorable.

As for the person getting asked, knowing how you're going to respond can be pretty high stakes. And even if the answer is a resounding "yes!" showing off that sparkly new ring for the ’gram isn't always as simple as it might seem. 

Take it from someone who's currently engaged: Proposals are stressful.

Yes, of course, they're romantic and sweet and give us all hope that love is real and conquers everything.

But in the era of social media, proposals can come with all sorts of pressures for both the asker and the askee.

The asker, for one, probably feels pressure to make the experience a ’gram-worthy event. 

As for the person getting asked, they have (hopefully) already given the question some thought and know how they're going to respond.

Assuming everything goes according to plan, one of the first celebratory things to do is take the obligatory ring pic.

But what if, as a spouse-to-be, your nails aren't freshly manicured?! 

For some, taking that first crucial ring pic without expertly painted nails is simply not an option. 

That was the case for one Australian woman whose now-fiancé popped the question. She said yes, but her nails weren't exactly up to her standards.

Fortunately, the bride-to-be's cousin, who goes by Jenna and witnessed the proposal, immediately jumped into action and came up with a creative solution that she shared on Twitter.

That's right: She served as a hand model for her cousin's proposal, all to ensure that she had the perfect ring shot. People immediately hailed the woman as a hero. 

One person said that the "only reason" she frequently gets manis is to be ready at a moment's notice should a close friend get asked The Question.

Someone else put it simply: The best gift is having friends who will go above and beyond for you.

Bravo, Jenna. You've inspired the world to maintain our manis accordingly so that we're always prepared no matter what life throws at us.