Esther Thorpe tweeted out photos of her friend's wedding dress. The images of the bride with her hands stuffed into the pockets of her wedding dress went viral. 

Every dress wearer knows that a dress with pockets is the best kind of dress. People started sharing their own photos of their wedding dresses with pockets. It was a wedding-dress pocket party! 

Take a look at the stunning gowns that set the internet on fire.

"STOP EVERYTHING so one of my friends got married yesterday and she had POCKETS ON HER WEDDING DRESS which is just the best thing I have ever seen," Esther Thorpe tweeted.

The dress is by London designer Suzanne Neville.

Stunning and utilitarian. 

People on Twitter were freaking out. A wedding dress with pockets is basically the holy grail for any bride who wants to rock the traditional look. 

I've never heard a groom complain about their tuxedo not having pockets, have you? Seems a little "sus" (as the kids would say). 

Thanks to Thorpe's photo, other women began sharing photos of their wedding dresses with pockets on Twitter. 

Brides discussed carrying everything from lipstick to Chapstick to even snacks in their pockets. 

I would put a bacon, egg, and cheese in mine, but perhaps marriage isn't in the stars for the kind of woman I am!

I mean, who wants to carry a purse during their wedding ceremony? Yikes.

In the end, most people want something that has form and function. Of course, it's namely women designers who create garments that provide both.