Bra Unhooking Challenge

Brian from "Whatever" and his friend Laura. Bless you, Laura.

photo: YouTube/Whatever

Finally, a video that proves bras really are the devil's work.

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, YouTube channel Whatever asked random men to partake in the "Bra Unhooking Challenge." 

In the video, one brave woman, Lauren, let myriad men try their hand(s) at unhooking her bra. 

Even though she wore a classic two-clasp bra from Victoria's Secret, hilarity ensued.

Bra Unhooking Challenge

"Bloody embarrassing this is," indeed.

photo: YouTube/Whatever

Some men went in with the one-handed approach.

Rookie mistake, boys. Bras are genuine serpents from hell. They do not bow down to five weak fingers.

Other guys just couldn't admit that they were having difficulties unhooking a bra.

Chill and don't stretch the fabric out, dudes.

Meanwhile, there's this dude who took his sweet time and finally unhooked the damn thing... after two minutes.

Like the saying goes, if you want your bra taken off in under five seconds, you do it yourself.

And then we have THIS man, who surely used pure witchcraft to tame the rabid bra beast.

UMM, can he please teach us his ways? Even Laura has a very confused "WTF" expression on her face.

Watch the full hilarious video below: