PHILADELPHIA, PA — While historic moments were being made inside the Wells Fargo Center, some legitimately terrifying and hilarious stuff was happening outside — mostly involving sweating, screaming, and alpacas.

Some of the most passionate people at this year's DNC are the protestors who've traveled from all over the country — and the world — to let their voices be heard. It's important, necessary, and (as many protestors noted) is "what democracy looks like."

HOWEVER, steady 90+ degree weather and "political fervor" have led to pretty inexplicable moments in the last few days. Don't believe me? I've got pictures to prove it:


This alpaca is named Shea. She is protesting the DNC. She is an anarchist.

photo: Rae Paoletta/Revelist

"She doesn't like government involving corporations," her human told me. "She's not fond of corporate America."


This pre-dick-tably epic response to homophobic protestors.

photo: Rae Paoletta/Revelist

This hastily scribbled penis of justice was a powerful blow to the angry gaggle of bigots gathered outside the DNC.


He was quickly joined by this guy pretending to have an exorcism, because sure.

photo: Rae Paoletta/Revelist

That's one way to protest.


People carried around this giant, inflatable joint that said "Berned by the DNC."

photo: Rae Paoletta/Revelist

I thought this was an extreme-heat-induced mirage, but nope. Totally real.


I'm not sure what to call this look, actually.

photo: Rae Paoletta/Revelist

404 error.


This mini-Bernie-Gandhi-mobile??

photo: Rae Paoletta/Revelist



Not really a moment, but I'm still including a "prolonged anguish from sweating profusely" photo for the record.

photo: Rae Paoletta/Revelist

It's Always Sweaty in Philadelphia.