Humans did some pretty embarrassing shit in 2016.

In addition to destroying the Great Barrier Reef and electing Donald Trump, humans helped sustain another record breaking year for global climate change. No wonder I can't stop sweating or crying in public.

But Earth is finally fighting back — in random and terrifying ways. Here are just a few times the planet couldn't wait for humanity to go the way of the dodo:


A hot spring in Yellowstone literally dissolves man in acid bath.

In June, 23-year-old Colin Nathaniel Scott fell into a hot spring at the park. The hot spring dissolved his body into nothingness.


Earth tries to swallow 13-year-old girl, but failed.

A 20-foot sinkhole appeared in Macayla Wittman's front yard in South Carolina. It tried to claim her, but failed this time.

"It was terrifying. I was really scared because I could have died," Wittman told NBC Los Angeles about her perilous encounter.


Machu Picchu swallows German tourist taking a selfie.

According to The Daily Mail, 51-year-old Oliver Park "lost his footing" while trying to take a picture of himself in a dangerous region, despite numerous safety warnings urging him not to do so.

He reportedly fell about 328 feet to his death.


Crows started attacking people en masse for no reason.

Several crows have started attacking people in Australia for no good reason.

"These crows on my building attacked me," ecologist Darryl Jones told Mashable. "They don't hit me but they go within 3 cm (1.1 inches) of my head and do it by surprise, from behind. I have lots of colleagues that don't get swooped, looking out at me. I look up at them as I'm being terrified by these bloody birds and they're all laughing at me."


Man dies after falling into Mount St. Helen's lava canyon waterfall.

As James Fowler, 25, tried to wade in a river, he stepped off a rock and fell down a 100-foot waterfall.


A knife crab thirsts for blood.

In 2015, Gawker's Kelly Conaboy explored the troubling trend of crab cigarette use. It appears crabs' nasty habits have only gotten worse, as evidenced by this video of a knife-wielding crustacean.