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Others seem to promote disordered or restrictive behaviors by telling people to "stop bloody eating."

And while some customers love the sparkly designs and "sassy" messages, others are not so amused.

"How is this OK?" one Twitter user wrote.

People accused the company of bullying...

...and tried to remind them what the rest of us already know to be true.

Messages like these reinforce the ideas that food is meant only as a reward, that only thin bodies are good bodies...

...and that fat bodies aren't worth loving.

The journals, first pointed out on Twitter by body-positive blogger Lottie L'amour, are especially dangerous for women with eating disorders or who exhibit disordered behaviors like restricting calories, over-exercising, or cutting out entire foods or food groups.

"It doesn't matter if you are one person or a company of 5K, if you are making profit from the degradation of fat bodies and potentially ED damaging slogans, you need to be called out," L'amour tweeted.

The company's response to L'amour? That they absolutely do not bully anyone, and that L'amour should "be ashamed of [her]self for being so mean."

While some people may find the sayings on these planners helpful or funny, they aren't.

After all, you wouldn't say things like this to your best friend — so why would you say them to yourself?