Chloe takes Bernie Sanders to prom
photo: Twitter/chlooraynaud

Chloe Raynaud knew her senior prom was going to be special. She had the perfect dress, a gorgeous corsage, and the hottest date in the country — Senator Bernie Sanders.

An avid Sanders supporter, Raynaud ditched the typical date and brought a life-size cardboard cutout of the senator to prom.

“I hadn't gotten asked yet and prom was approaching quickly, so I was thinking about who would make a good prom date,” she told Revelist. “I really identify with Bernie's political standpoint so I just went for it!”

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photo: Twitter/chlooraynaud

Oraynaud is definitely feeling the Bern: she tweets frequently about the campaign, proudly calling herself a “stubborn socialist.” But she also loved the ease that her non-conventional date afforded her.

“I just bought [the cutout] online,” she told Revelist. “Cheapest date ever!”

photo: Twitter/chlooraynaud

The night of the event, Raynaud didn’t shy away from her decision. Instead, she posed with her cardboard date in the typical prom photos, arranging him in the lineup along with her friends. She decked the replica out with a corsage of his own, and even brought him onto the floor with her to  dance.

“During the slow dance I brought him out to dance with him and everyone started laughing,” she told Revelist. “Then my friends made him crowd surf.”

photo: Twitter/chlooraynaud

Not only was Bernie a hit with her friends, he may have even scored Raynaud some extra credits points: she told Revelist her history teacher loved the idea.

And for anyone who thinks this romance will be short-lived, think again. From the looks of it, Raynaud will be keeping the senator around, even after she graduates.

“Lmao my roommate is gon think I'm WACK on move in day with all my Buddha posters & tapestries & my 3 yoga mats & Bernie Sanders cut out,” she tweeted on April 28.

Personally, we think she’ll be the coolest one on her hall.