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Male birth control isn't really a thing yet, but that could change soon with the introduction of a product that's currently being tested for efficacy. 

Researchers recently kicked off the first "wide-scale clinical trial of a male contraceptive topical gel," reports Gizmodo. All in all, it will be tested on 420 "relatively healthy and young couples" from nine different study sites across the world. 

If it works as it's supposed to, the gel will cause the men's sperm counts to plummet "to a point identified as infertility." But the fact that guys get such a, well, casual birth control option — especially when compared to the more invasive, mood-affecting options available for women — has really got people talking.

So it looks like male birth control might soon become a reality.

And, yes, you read that right: It could very well come in *gel* form. 

People wasted no time in expressing their ~feelings~ about the obvious, shall we say, inequity happening here.

Sure, some men cracked a couple jokes about it. 

Good one, @Miccull. 

Yes, we get it: It's gel. It's an easy thing to laugh about.

Women, on the other hand, were pretty displeased about having to deal with some messed-up side effects and general discomfort for all these years due to their birth control options.

If we have to be uncomfortable, EVERYONE has to be uncomfortable.

I mean, how is this even fair?! 

Why must women continue to suffer like this?

Can women's birth control please get a much-needed upgrade?

We demand answers.

And, lastly, are men even gonna use this new gel knowing what we know about birth control side effects? 

Well, there's always one foolproof way to avoid getting pregnant.