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Every so often we run into people we'd rather not see again, but one creepy encounter has a woman and all of social media more than uneasy. A student named Lynda from Bromsgrove, England, had a text exchange with a guy who weaseled his way into her messages after claiming he got her number from a friend. He pretty much demanded he go on a date with her and it only gets worse from there. 

A woman apparently met a man on the train. 

Lynda is a 20-year-old student from Bromsgrove, England. She spoke to BuzzFeed about an off-putting experience she had when a man she didn't know started texting her out of the blue. 

The texts were weird from the start. 

This guy who calls himself Josh texts Lynda saying he got her number from a friend. When she asks what friend, he avoids answering and just said that he found her Instagram and went through her followers. 

And it got worse. 

It certainly may have been less creepy if he had followed her on Instagram and maybe DM'd her to get her number. But that doesn't seem to be the way this guy operates, anyway. He says he wants to get to know her and that he plans on taking her out the next Thursday. He doesn't even ask, but he says he'll tell her who gave him her number on this date. 

That "date" is NOT going to happen. 

This Josh guy told her that he was only going to tell her which friend gave him her number if she agreed to go out with him. Luckily she continued to decline. But Josh wasn't having it. 

He got even more aggressive. 

Josh says that he can "tell u never been treated properly." We don't think Josh should be the one talking. He's going out of his way to admit that he searched for her number for "days" when he could have just contacted her directly. Lynda just blocked him.

We have questions. 

Lots of them. First of all, who is this "friend" he's talking about? Is this person even really a friend if they're out here just giving out numbers for fun? We kind of believe this whole friend thing is just an excuse. Maybe he realizes how creepy he is and had to cover his tracks. Is his name even Josh? This whole thing rubs us the wrong way. 

Social media pretty much agrees with us. 

Lynda posted the screenshots of the conversation to Twitter and quickly got a response. Pretty much everyone thinks this guy is at least a little off-putting. 

Lynda has been replying to people about the situation since she posted about it. She may be trying to look on the bright side of the situation in this tweet, but the response she got shows the only positive is that she blocked him. 

Plenty of people are making comparisons between this situation and the Netflix series You, in which a bookstore manager becomes obsessed with one of the store's customers. He used technology to his advantage to try to get this woman's attention, much like in this real-life situation. 

This comment on the BuzzFeed post even talked about how Lynda had to be a little nice about the situation to prevent things from escalating. She doesn't know this guy and doesn't know what he's capable of. It looks like Lynda was hoping he would get the idea and back off. But that didn't work out. 

Plenty of people suggested she contact the police. 

Tweets came in telling Lynda that she should get the police involved for her safety. At this point, this Josh character knows she takes the train and may try to see her there again. 

In the end, she decided not to get the police involved. 

She told BuzzFeed that she's a little paranoid now, but she wrote it off as "just a one-off occurrence" and that Josh hasn't tried to get in touch with her again. While it's good that Josh has backed off, at least she has this record of the events with the screenshots of their conversation on Twitter. 

Lynda never found out who this "friend" is. 

The whole friend thing could be a lie. But if it is real, we're totally advising you to cut this person off right now. 

What do you think? 

How do you think Lynda should have dealt with the situation? Do you think she mad the right call by conversing with him? Should she have called the police?