Your granddad's favorite wanking magazine has officially entered a new era: On Thursday, the first non-nude issue of Playboy Magazine hits shelves worldwide.

The new no-nude push is part of an effort for the mag to reach a "new generation of readers," aka a way to #get #in #touch with #the #youths, who are probably looking at naked people on the Internet for free.

"It's going to be sexy, but it's going to be safe for work," Cory Jones, Playboy's chief content officer, told CNN Money.

The mag wants you to know that a lot of other non-nakey changes are popping off, too. 

"There's a lot that we're keeping of the DNA of the magazine, but there's a lot we're evolving, too," Jones told CNNMoney. 

For instance:

Playboy is also doing away with a pair of long-running features: the cartoon and its monthly list of party jokes. The centerfold will be expanded to feature more than just each month's Playmate. And Playboy will now be printed with a better-quality paper befitting a high-end style magazine.

Still not convinced that Playboy is #ON #FLEEK, #BAE? Their first cover is supposed to look like a snapchat — the kids love snapchat!

Amid all these changes for the former nudie mag, a few questions remain: Did Playboy have an epiphany about the objectification of women, or did they just find out that the Internet is rife with free boobies?

"I think in today's world it's sort of unrealistic to think that anyone's subscribing to Playboy magazine because they can't find nudity anywhere else," Playboy CEO Scott Flanders just said. "That would be a rather un-creative subscriber."

Well, I guess that answers the question.