The revenge game has gotten much more creative, as of late.

'Dick in Your Mailbox,' a new website created this year, allows users to anonymously send a penis sketch to the mailbox of their most hated enemies — or their next hookup.

The custom drawing, created and signed by "Pablo Dickasso," will arrive in 7-10 business days and set you back $9.99. That could be money well spent, depending on your level of anger. Granted that both the sender and receiver are over 18, all you need to provide the site is the name of your enemy, their address, and the hate message that should be attached.

Not sure if a dick drawing is for you? Check out these other eccentric options to exact your revenge.


Send a spud to the hookup dud from last weekend

So, a potato is not necessarily a bad gift to receive. In fact, many of Potato Parcel's customers use the service to congratulate the intended recipient of the spud. The possibilities are really endless since the potato can be customized with a 15-word message or a picture. Just make sure that they don’t actually eat the potato. Since it’s covered in ink and could be covered in bacteria from the shipping process, ingesting the spud could be harmful. 

One of these taters will cost you $9.99 and arrive in 3-7 business days. In other good news, they also ship internationally!


Send the OG of revenge gifts to the 'OG of exes'

glitter envelope
photo: Wikimedia Commons

Glitter truly is the OG of evil things to send in the mail. Your unsuspecting target will receive a note telling them why they’re receiving this terrible gift and "so much glitter in an envelope that they’ll be finding it everywhere for weeks," according to the Ship Your Enemies Glitter website. For $9.99, it’s the least you can do to thank them for the gift basket of self-esteem and trust issues that they gave you after you broke up.


Send a guaranteed nightmare to your 5 college friends who made you watch "Paranormal Activity" one too many times

photo: Wikimedia commons

Trypophobia is the intense or irrational fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps, according to Tech Insider. That's why this disgusting gift is perfect for the people who have given you nightmares.

Your enemies will receive five pictures that the Ship Your Enemies Trypophobia website boasts have gone through human screening to "ensure your enemies are scared shitless on first glance." The $9.90 worldwide flat rate is reasonable, especially since the pictures have the potential to induce night sweats, according to News Medical. The best news about this gift is that if you send it to four enemies, your fifth enemy is free. What a bargain!


To your favorite Dorito dust-faced presidential candidate

Because throwing a brick through a window is illegal, sending a brick has become a better option. Through the Mail Bricks website, you can send a brick to anywhere in the US or Canada for $10. The site even gives you a 10% discount if you're looking to send a brick to the Westboro Baptist Church, US Capitol Building, and Comcast

Oh, and here's the best news ever: You can get a 15% off discount until the November election by mailing a brick to your least favorite presidential candidate.


For everyone who’s ever annoyed you, send them a little bit of everything

The of revenge gifts is sending them a little bit of everything. Ruin Days, the motherlode of retaliation presents, allows you to anonymously send things like a butthurt care package, a glitter envelope, a glitter spring-loaded bomb, (artificial) poop, a box of annoying sand, and a bag of gummy dicks. The prices for each of these items may vary, but revenge is guaranteed.

So whether someone deserves a drawing of a dick or a bag of dicks, the gift options for revenge are really limitless.