People are angry tweeting that their accounts auto-followed Donald Trump's newly inaugurated POTUS Twitter account through no action of their own today. 

The Oregonian reported that at 12:57 pm ET, @POTUS had 3.8 million followers. At the time of this writing, that number has climbed to 14.4 million. 

The same issue seems to be occurring with @FLOTUS, Melania Trump's new residence on Twitter. 

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey replied to users with a link explaining how the transfer of power happens on Twitter. TL;DR, if you followed @POTUS before, you follow @POTUS now.

However, users who didn't follow @POTUS (including model Chrissy Teigen) are complaining to Dorsey that they never followed the account before today, when a forced auto-follow seems to have happened. 

Dorsey has no clue why, according to his replies, but he's "looking into it."

Seriously, how much weirder can this day get?