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So how does the Twitter racial slur baiting work? It's as easy as taking advantage of bots. 

Once again, Revelist would like to iterate that this is no rumor. Multiple news outlets have confirmed that the @RealtheeCheney account changed its name to the racial slur to get the automated bot to respond using that name. Had the name been "Annie," "Robert," or "Jasmine, then the bot would have repeated those names as well. 

Yeah, it was a sick unfortunate joke. 

To give you a better idea of how Uber runs its Twitter account, check out this screenshot.

The Uber Support page is set up to address users by the first name it detects in a person's profile. The point is to obviously a create a more personable customer service experience while maybe skimping out on paying an actual social media person to respond manually to the many tweets the company receives. Since the racial slur incident, the brand has removed that feature from its Twitter responses or hired an actual human who deserves the salary and the benefits. Let's hope the latter is what went down for the sake of making America great again, eh?

This is also a lesson for Uber and more companies to update the screenings for their social media. 

Uber didn't intentionally tweet out a racial slur despite the social media frenzy surrounding the use of the N-word on its Twitter account. Although this may not be a situation that everyone feels the need to "cancel" Uber over, let's hope Uber situates things so this never happens again.

"Uber apologizes after super racist tweet. This situation highlights the need to flag words that shouldn't be repeated by automated systems even if they are an account name," one critic wrote on Twitter. 

It's also important to highlight that this isn't the first time a weirdo on the internet has wasted his mental resources on tricking unmanned spaces on the world wide web. 

"There've been instances where Google Maps showed racist terms due to algorithm bias and/or manipulation," one Twitter user pointed out during a discussion about the issue. "It's a good idea to have awareness of these things in order to not convey the wrong stuff. People generally don't have time to tell if something is intentional or accidental."

Point well made.

Never forget how Google allowed the White House to be labeled in 2015.

photo: Bravo

According to Google, it had nothing to do with the White House being labeled as the "[N-word] house while Barack Obama was president. The company fixed the issue and apologized to the public for the oversight. The public was ticked off but it's four years later and we're all still Googling the hourly weather among other things. Uber can survive this Twitter mess, right?