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"Wicca celebrates the new moons as [holy days called] Esbats," Milo, who identifies as a witch, told Revelist.

"The kind of black moon we are having this month is actually fairly common — an average of once every 18 months."

While this moon's not exactly rare, it's still spiritually significant.

"In Wicca, the black moon is considered a time when there is extra power for spells and ritual," Milo said. "The idea of blue moons and black moons is only about two centuries old, so there are no ancient pagan traditions to draw on."

"Any beliefs about blue and black moons would be modern, and therefore subject to great individual interpretation and practice."

While you won't be able to see the black moon with your human eyeballs (because darkness), we suggest donning your spookiest attire.

The black moon is the perfect excuse to pound down some candy corn and prepare for October!

Main image: iStock/4421010037