Amazon has no shortage of questionable items, but this one just might be the worst.

The behemoth online retailer is selling a shirt that promotes anorexia.

Offensive Amazon anorexia shirt
photo: Amazon

The shirt compares anorexia to bulimia, saying the two are similar, but anorexic people have more self-control. It retails for $25.88 and has a one and a half star average rating among 71 reviews on Amazon.

Eating disorders are NEVER OK to joke about.

Anorexia and bulimia, among other eating disorders, have the highest mortality rate among all mental illnesses (including major depression.) According to Mirasol Eating Disorder Recovery Centers, without treatment, over 20% of people with anorexia die within 20 years.

There's nothing funny about eating disorders. Making a joke of them and then sticking it on a sweatshirt isn't just insensitive, it's flat out disgusting.

If the dozens of one star reviews didn't tip you off, Twitter is NOT happy.

Who even approved this?

This is no laughing matter.

It's not the only anorexia-themed item on Amazon.

There are bibs, T-shirts, and more.

Amazon doesn't seem to have any plans to remove the hoodie.

The first review for the hoodie was posted in 2015, and despite the many reviews calling for Amazon to remove the item, it's been up and available for purchase for almost three years.

Amazon, you need to get it together.