Dealing with anxiety can be a seriously difficult feat, especially if you're attempting it alone.

Stress and anxiety comes in many forms — it could be momentary anguish or an overwhelming, crippling feeling that prevents you from going about your day. Both are real and valid, and thus should be dealt with properly. But instead of asking a doctor for run-of-the-mill ways to deal, I asked nine women for their go-to methods, and it'll seriously open your eyes to all the possibilities of coping.

Some turn to technology for a little bit of help.

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“When I feel the most anxious I do a task that requires no thought. Lately I have this color by numbers app that I do – it’s a relaxing project like coloring but without the thought since I’m just filling in numbers. It lets me shut my brain off and forget what I was anxious about, even for a little bit.” – Laura, 25

“Whenever I’m anxious, it usually helps me to have something physical in my hands to ground myself. Fidget toys like tangle jr. or spinners do the job really well.” – Barbara, 24

Others use, uh, alternative substances

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“I have this magical weed pen that changed my life. A few hits before bed has literally done wonders; it helps clear my mind and my anxiety so I can fall asleep.” ­– Kara, 27

“I suffer from anxiety and I wanted a natural way of dealing with it 'cause unfortunately exercise doesn’t always cut it and I didn’t want something addictive or something with serious side effects. I decided on valerian root because it’s something you can naturally find; it helps promote relaxation. When exercise or journal writing won't calm the heart palpitations, I pop a valerian root pill or two... you can take up to four a day without it making you sleepy. It can also be made into a tea!” – Ariana, 25

Others rely on the power of zen.

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“I deal with stress and anxiety that root from everyday little things to my overbearing thoughts with 20-50 minutes of yoga right from YouTube in my room every day. Besides helping me stretch and tone my muscles, it has taught me how to breathe and feel the stillness of the moment. It definitely automatically relaxes the body and mind together!” – Camille, 25

“Taking a bath! Lavender bath salts are my favorite.” – Denise, 59

“I do meditation when I can. It helps big time to just sit in silence even if it’s for 10 minutes to relax my brain. Also finding any sort of body of water like a lake or something to sit by is super calming to just take a break for life.” – Christie, 25

For most, tuning out the world is key.

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“When I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed with either one thing or everything in my life, I try to remove myself from it completely, even if only for an hour. Taking a long walk and listening to a podcast helps –– being immersed in some other world while remaining present and focused personally helps me so much.” – Gabrielle, 28

“For me, exercise is the best remedy for anxiety. Those endorphins get released and calms the body and mind!” – Anonymous, 71