Creating a space that feels warm and welcoming can impact your overall mood and the general vibe of any room. And bringing the space together requires some thoughtful execution when it comes to decor. But once everything is in its place, it’s time to remove old energy and bring in some fresh, happy vibes.

Smudging with sage has become more popular in the Western world thanks to the rise of interest in crystals and other well-known spiritual healing methods. Traditionally, smudging ceremonies were used to purify or cleanse negative thoughts or energy of a person or place. These days, sage is used by people of all ages for the same purpose — and people are upping their game when it comes to the unique sage bundles they create.

We’ve found some of the most stunning sage bundles to order online or to help inspire a DIY project using household items, along with items you may be able to find in your backyard.

A little bit of everything

There are so many little gems hidden in this sage bundle. If you don’t look closely enough, you might miss one! The evergreen tree needles should be easy to find outside and may create a nice scent well before you’re smudging with it.

Cleanse with a message

Palo santo is commonly used in bundles. Set intentions during your smudging ceremony by using a pen or marker to create an affirmation that aligns with your needs in the space you are cleansing.

More than sage

Sure, sage is the key ingredient to any bundle, but it doesn’t have to be the main focus. Bring together your favorite elements and feel free to let them play the most significant role in your cleansing process, just like the dried roses and lavender are in this example.

Mix and match

Don’t be shy about overwhelming your bundle. If you prefer to add multiple scents and colors — go for it. There are no rules when it comes to your preferences and what you need to bring new energy into a room.

Clear the air

Dried flowers are a common item to include in bundles, but adding on some extra elements like a sprig of baby’s breath can really amp up the glamour factor. If you have extra clear quartz kicking around, secure it in your bundle to double down on purifying effects.

Pops of color

Sage bundles often include muted colors, which can help create a sense of calm. However, some of us love to live in screaming color, and that means adding pops of yellow, blue, red, pink, purple and more. Flowers are an easy way to bring color in, but feel free to explore other options.

A touch of everything

If you can’t narrow down your choices but also don’t want to feel overwhelmed by choice, consider minimalism instead. Keep things neat and tidy by selecting small amounts of the things you love or need to make a bundle complete.

Experiment with length

We often see short and thick bundles and tightly wound medium-sized options, but be open to other lengths and widths. Depending on the material you are using, you may be forced to create a long and skinny bundle, which is just fine.

Add some selenite

Adding a crystal to your bundle requires careful consideration, as each crystal represents a different meaning and purpose. When in doubt, selenite is the perfect option because its purpose is to bring luck and protection to a person or space.

Floral arrangements

Don’t be shy about going crazy with your flower selection. If you have a garden or a bouquet that is days away from heading to the garbage, set some aside and let them dry out. Once they are dry, you can add them to your bundle. But beware! Some bundles may be too pretty to burn.

Swap out the string

The material you use to secure your bundle in place may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s just as valuable as the materials you are wrapping. Try colored string to brighten up your bundle. If you don’t have any on hand, you can use markers or paint to dye white string instead.

Good enough to eat

Consider items you have around your kitchen to add to the mix. Some fruits can be dried out and inserted, but don’t forget about herbs and spices you may have available, such as bay leaves, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, thyme, and more.

Give them as a gift

If you have more materials than you need, you can make a variety of bundles and save them as gifts for friends and family. Another option is to mail them out to loved ones as a little surprise to help brighten their day.

Show them off

Some floral options may end up being a bit too big to burn or are potentially a fire hazard if they aren’t secured tightly in the bundle. In that case, make a few bundles to display in your space as decor. The combined scents will create a pleasant aroma each time you enter the room.

Bundle of roses

There’s no denying the popularity of rose-scented goodies, and sage bundles are no exception. Dried rose petals are one of the more common materials you can add to a bundle. If you love the scent, incorporate dry petals throughout the sage bundle, making sure to add some in the middle as well as the outside.

Crystal clear

Adding crystals to your bundle doesn’t require you to secure them with string. There are alternative methods for adding your favorite crystals. If you own a crystal pendant, you can remove it from the chain and slip it onto the string you are using to wrap your bundle.

Lots of lavender

Lavender has an incredibly calming effect and is often used to help people sleep or relax. So it’s no wonder lavender is a common material paired with sage. You can keep the theme going by adding a purple ribbon or string to tie your bundle together and top it off with an amethyst crystal.

Keep it covered

Covering your bundle with flower petals that haven’t turned is so beautiful you may never end up burning it at all. To add color and flair to an ordinary bundle, secure petals that haven’t dried out completely and gently wrap them around the middle and cover up all of the sage by creating a petal blanket.

Endless options 

Think outside of the box and look around your yard and home to secure items you wouldn’t ordinarily think are an option for smudging. You can create beautiful works of art with natural materials that will bring life and energy to your space without ever lighting a match.

Do it for the gram

Of course, you wouldn’t be doing it right if you weren’t documenting the experience. Once you’ve completed your bundles, set up a photo shoot and take some snaps for your Instagram page to show off all of your hard work.