Best beauty and wellness YouTubers
photo: YouTube

2020 has barely started and already it's been quite a year. And while some are asking for a redo and others are brainstorming how to start these 365 days strong, we know some YouTubers who may be able to help with that. Whether you want to kickstart a new hair or makeup routine, need to chill out, get some cooking ideas, or are looking for some great new workouts, these are the inspiring and must-watch YouTubers  to watch ASAP. 

Nikkie Tutorials

Aside from her impressive makeup looks, the Nikkie de Jager made the brave decision this week to announce that she's transgender. The video, which now has 28 million views, is being praised as one of the most courageous acts seen from a beauty YouTuber. 

Nyma Tang

The vlogger and founder of the YouTube series The Darkest Shade, which tests the inclusivity of makeup brands, has served as a voice for women of color who feel forgotten by the brands that many others love and can use. 

The Domestic Geek 

If you've been looking for easy and healthy meals, The Domestic Geek is who you should subscribe to. Whether you're looking for keto, plant-based, and everything in between, she not only teaches viewers how to make the meals but also about proper portion control and how to meal prep. 

Jessamyn Stanley

Stanley continues to debunk the myths that plus-size women aren't in shape. The yoga expert's channel is filled with hundreds of yoga poses and tips on flexibility and how to get in your best physical shape yet. 

Holistic Habits

Are you into crystals? Have you resolved to tap into your inner peace in 2020? Then Holistic Habits is here to help. Her empowering videos are all about finding your best self, particularly mentally and spiritually. 

Shameless Maya

The beautiful YouTuber is about all-around well-being and being shamelessly yourself. The Toronto native, whose page has already risen to more than a million subscribers, is the go-to place when you need a laugh, some words of encouragement, or some tips on how to deal with your curls.

Fit Men Cook

Who said men couldn't cook? Ladies, if you've been trying to get your man to cook but just don't know how, introduce him to a page that simplifies the process yet delivers on some wonderfully delicious meals. 

Makeup Junkie G

At 30 inches tall, the inspiring makeup YouTuber is shedding light on what life is like with a disability. Her enlightening videos serve as constant confirmation of the feats that those living with disabilities overcome each day. And if you're looking for some killer makeup looks, she has it all right here.

Shan Boody

Let's talk about sex! At least that's what Boody likes to do. The unfiltered YouTuber is fearless in talking about the many things that some think are completely taboo, and she's dishing out some important information. 

Madeleine Shaw

When life is becoming too much, just breathe, or watch Madeleine Shaw. The YouTuber who focuses on yoga, healthy meals, and even her journey to motherhood has the feel-good channel everyone should tune into.