Remember that mom who pulled her daughter out of a nursery school because she thought the people who worked there were too "fat?" Well, she's back, with even more nuggets of wisdom for us to shake our damn heads at.

The mom in question, Hilary Freeman, and plus-size blogger Becky Barnes just talked about body shaming on "Lorraine."

At first, it seemed like Freeman was apologizing for what she said.

"I think it's touched a nerve. I think people are incredibly sensitive about weight," Freeman noted. "Maybe it's the way I phrased it. I think the debate has got mixed up with appearance. I don't mind, I think big women can look fantastic."

She also complimented Barnes, saying, "Becky looks amazing."

She then TOTALLY 180-ed her argument.

"A lot of the fat positivity movement is all about, we're big, we're beautiful," Freeman stated. "All I'm trying to say is it's more beautiful to be healthy. I just want people to be healthy and not celebrate obesity because it's making people ill."

Except the body positivity movement doesn't "celebrate" obesity. And the whole idea of body positivity is to celebrate ALL bodies, not just curvy or plus-size women.

Barnes, however, destroyed her real quick.

The plus-size blogger started off by saying she comes from "a health at every size" viewpoint.

"You can't make snap judgements on people's health just by looking at them," she commented. "You say you touched a nerve, of course you touched a nerve! Fat people are constantly vilified, every single day, because of their appearance, because of their so-called health choices, or perceived health choices... it's the body we're living in. It's the abuse we get every single day from people walking down the street, in the workplace."

Barnes also chided Freeman for assuming she knows the nursery school staff members' health history.

"You go in there and you say something about somebody and you don't know the story behind them," she insisted. "You don't know why they're like that, and it's all very easy for us to make judgements about people."

Beautifully said.

Twitter blew up with support for Barnes.

Damn straight.


Hope Freeman (and other fat-shaming, closed-minded parents) learned today.