For decades, the topic of infertility was something so taboo. Women rarely ever spoke about it, while millions of women around the world suffered in silence. I, however, was lucky enough to grow up in a household surrounded by transparent women who were constantly open about their struggles to bare children. 

It didn't scare me. Instead, it opened up my world to the realities of being a woman and being a mother. It made me cognizant of the fact that I, too, may face obstacles when trying to conceive and carry a child in the future. As I've gotten older, done further research, and sought professional reproductive health screenings, I've found that I am more predisposed to struggle like so many other women do. I'm not ashamed, and I'm not scared — I'm optimistic. Optimistic because more and more women like myself are speaking out and destigmatizing the hardships surrounding bringing life into this world. 

And now even more celebrities are speaking out, in particular about endometriosis, a condition in which the tissue that normally gathers on the inside of the uterus lining instead lines the outside. Halsey and so many other well-known ladies in Hollywood are getting real about living with the condition. Their speaking out follows so many other celebs who have taken us along for their journeys, such as Gabrielle Union, who after years of trying to conceive revealed a beautiful baby girl via surrogate with her husband Dwyane Wade. This is all seriously inspiring.