As the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 grips our souls in fear and panic, the public is doing its best to stay safe, including remembering to wash our damn hands after we use the bathroom. Of course, that's causing rationing of soap and hand sanitizer at supermarkets — so crafty people on social media think they have found an alternative solution: Tito's vodka. Head, meet desk.

People think the alcohol content in Tito's vodka makes it useful as a hand sanitizer.

Global pandemics sure do have a way of making us all lose our faculties. Although alcohol kills germs, Tito's is urging people not to use its vodka as a hand sanitizer. The 40% alcohol content of the booze is too low, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recommends a solution of at least 60% ABV.

Besides, wouldn't you want to drink Tito's instead of splashing it all over your hands?

There are alcoholic drinks that meet the CDC guidance ...

... like the infamous Everclear, which contains a staggering 75.5% ABV. The reason it burns as it goes down your throat is because it kills cells in your mouth (I don't know if that's true or not, but it feels true). It can also quickly cause alcohol poisoning, so I would rather you use this stuff as hand sanitizer instead of drinking it.

Still, don't use booze!

If you want to sanitize your hands, USE HAND SANITIZER. That is its purpose, that is its destiny, Purell has been bestowed upon us by the antibacterial divine to zap microbes like the coronavirus, so use it, or even better, use soap and water! Just wash your hands with something that isn't consumable alcohol.

You can also DIY your own hand sanitizer!

Making your own hand sanitizer at home is super easy, so you can save your Tito's for a Moscow Mule. Just follow the above recipe — mix rubbing alcohol with aloe gel, and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for scent. I promise, you'll be happy you left your vodka on the shelf for when we're all quarantined in our homes.