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4. And most importantly: There are no conditions when it comes to self-love.

bopo warriors
photo: Instagram

"When people say 'as long as you are healthy,' they are marginalizing the disabled and less-abled populations by implying that we are not worthy of self-love because health is outside of our reach. I have had 15 surgeries, a brain tumor, a punctured intestine, an obstructed Bowel, a cyst in my brain, and a condition called hydrocephalus and I am just as worthy of self love lying in a hospital bed at my unhealthiest as I am when I am completely healthy," says Elman.

So the next time you lean on health to defend your approval of a fat body or to fuel your unfounded hatred of it, think.

Are you really concerned with that person's health, or are you compensating for something missing in yourself?