If you were looking for an excuse to ditch the gym today, this video will be all the demotivation you need.

Mom Heather Land posted a video eviscerating gym buffs — specifically Crossfitters — in the funniest way.

Land first starts off jokingly thanking Crossfitters for "checking in" to their gym in the morning and bragging about how many AMRAPs (as many reps as possible) they fit into their 5 am workout.

The video has received nearly 13 million views.

Heahter Land anti-exercise
photo: Facebook

Land states she COULD go to the gym if she wanted to, but she doesn't want to die.

"I don't have death penciled in on my schedule, so I think I'm gonna pass," she retorts.

Nope, no gym today.

"Pretty sure Wall Balls and Bear Crawls ain’t how I’m going out," she remarks. "Jesus is taking me home in a cocktail dress, OK? Not my Danskin shorts.”

Girl, I'm about to print that out and make that a T-shirt.

Her video has plenty of people saying, "Same."

Even Crossfitters think it's hilarious.

People related HARD.

Yeah, no.

That religion doesn't sound like fun, TBH.

Crossfitter or not, Land's admonishment of 5 am workout junkies is too damn true.