Some days you're just going to feel bad about things, and that's okay.

Maybe you're not feeling good about your body, or about the quality of your work, or your ability to get a date. These things happen, and everyone has those feelings.

The important thing is knowing how to pull yourself out of it, and remind yourself how awesome you are. Here are 11 things you can do today to feel more confident.


Take a longggggg shower.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say. Taking a shower — and not just any shower, but a long shower — energizes you and gives you an opportunity to pamper yourself right at the start of the day.


Wear a brightly-colored shade of lipstick.

Nothing makes me feel more fierce than wearing red or hot pink lipstick (and I know many of my coworkers would agree). Choose a shade that flatters your skin tone and unleashes your inner goddess.


Each night, write down three things you did well that day.

Every day you do something well. Maybe you cooked an awesome dinner, or gave a great presentation at work. Maybe you just got up five minutes earlier than you normally do. Whatever you did, write it down. It's a great reminder that YOU ROCK.


Wear something that makes you feel fly.

I have a top that I absolutely love. It's nothing expensive or fancy — it's a $5 top from H&M, actually — but I love the way it fits and it makes me feel super sexy. I know you have an item like that in your wardrobe. Put it on. Immediately feel awesome.


Eat food that nourishes your body *and* your mind.

Eating healthy is important, obviously, but there's a difference between eating healthy and eating well. Start the day with a breakfast that you enjoy and that fills you up; pack a lunch that tastes as good as it is good *for* you. Because when you eat good, you feel good.


Create your own mantra.

Affirmations or mantras are a great way to reinforce positive thoughts in your head. Tell yourself, "I deserve this," "I'm worth more," "I can be anything I want to be." Because you do, you are, and you can.


Ask a friend for an ego boost.

If you're really down on yourself, seek out a friend who makes you feel like the most amazing person in the world. Call them, text them, or ask them to hang out. Be honest — tell them you're not feeling great about yourself, and get their words of encouragement. Trust me, they've got many!


Do something nice for someone else.

Helping other people has a two-pronged effect: The person you help feels good, and you feel good for helping them. You don't necessarily have to go volunteer at a soup kitchen to do some good; offer to help a friend move, take in a neighbor's mail, or give someone a compliment and, by proxy, compliment yourself.


Practice good posture.

Standing up straight is good for your body, but when you stand (or sit) taller, you feel taller. Not literally taller, obviously, but — you know, more confident. And that's the goal.


Learn a new skill.

Try reading a book or article on a subject you're unfamiliar with, listening to a podcast, or taking a class (in person or online). Even if you don't excel at it, you can still feel good about the fact that you tried it in the first place — and have the experience for the story.


Move your body.

Working out = endorphins. Endorphins = feeling good. Not only that, but proving to yourself that you can push your own boundaries, go farther than you expected, do more than you expected... well, nothing beats that.


You deserve to love yourself, and you have every reason to feel confident.

Haters gonna hate, but *you* are the only one who gets to decide how you feel about it. <3