As spring cleaning season gets into gear, you may find yourself looking to get your magical space in order. And now that you've cleared the clutter from end table, it's inviting you to fill it with something — like a magical altar for your witchy workings.

Spring is the best of time of year to start your home altar. There's renewal in the air, excitement, and the beginning of the life cycle as flowers and trees start to bloom. If you're looking to create your own sacred altar, take a look at some must-haves below. 

Remember, none of these things are mandatory when it comes to creating a ritualistic space, but they are traditions for a reason! And you don't need to splurge, though we picked out some pieces that are especially beautiful and intuitive.


A Tarot card deck, like the Tarot del Fuego, $25 at Catland Books.

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There's so many different types of Tarot card decks, so pick the deck with artwork that speaks loudest to you. And an altar is the perfect place it keep it when it isn't in use — it absorbs all of the magical energies, making your deck even stronger as time goes on.


An altar cloth, like the Sigil Alter Cloth by Fay Nowitz, $28 at Nyxturna.

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An altar cloth is helpful for a couple reasons: it's pretty, and makes your spiritual workings feel more ritualized, and it keeps your table clean. As any witch will tell you, incense and candles are are so messy. I can't tell you how many times I've knocked over my incense stand and gotten ashes everywhere.


A ritual dagger, like this athame by 13MoonsMagick, $22.49 at Etsy.

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An athame, or ritual dagger, is used to direct and focus energy. It's a potent tool in your altar, and can also take the place of a wand. Just be careful when placing it in your sacred space, you don't want to accidentally cut yourself while prepping your potions!


The 2020-2021 Witches' Almanac by Theitic, $15.95 at Weiser Books.

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Your magical workings aren't complete without the annual Witches' Almanac. It's a listing of moon phases, planetary alignments, Sabbat and Esbat dates, weather tips, and plant blooming cycles. It's an indispensable tool no matter what kind of magical tradition you choose to work within.


A ritual bell, like this one from WitchyWomanWorkshop, $15.95 at Etsy.

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Bells are used in many kinds of spells and rituals. They're rung to symbolize the beginning of a ritual, to greet friendly otherworldy spirits, and to send antagonizing spirits back to where they belong.


A salt cellar, like this one from Lio & Linn, $40 at Asrai Garden.

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In many magical traditions throughout history, salt is a purifying agent with a myriad of purposes. Keep your sacred salt in an adorable little salt cellar — this option by Lio & Linn even comes with a moon-shaped spoon.


Scrying tools, like these pendulums, $15 at Catland Books.

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Tarot cards aren't the only method of divination. Scrying, which involves using a pendulum above a divining board, can help you gain the clarification you need. Pick a pendulum with your favorite crystal and get swinging.


Crystals, like these bundles from BringForthTheLight, $15 at Etsy.

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Your sacred crystal and gemstone collection will feel right at home on your altar. Like your Tarot card deck, they'll soak in the energies around your altar, aging them like a fine wine as the years go by.


Herbs, like this altar herb kit from Enchanted Wildcraft, $19.75 at Etsy.

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Yes, plenty of altar necessities can come from your kitchen cabinet! Keep a supply of dried herbs at your altar for constructing your own powerful potions — just don't raid this supply when you're out of your cooking basil!


Incense, like Targa by Blackbird Perfumes, $34 at Blackbird.

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Most importantly, an altar should contain representations of the four elements. Incenses symbolize air, infusing your space with a wonderfully sweet scent as you begin your magical works. Targa by Blackbird is one of my favorite incenses of all time; it smells like a forest after the rain.


Candles, like this tapered candle intention set, $14 from the House of Intuition.

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Obviously, you'll need candles, and a lot of them. They symbolize the fire elemtn. Different candle colors are used for different types of spellwork, so pick up a pack of multicolored tapers and get to chanting.


A chalice, like this one from NotionsAndPotionsCA, $26.53 at Etsy.

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The chalice is a ritual cup that represents water, and it has historical uses in sooo many different traditions, notably, the Catholic Eucharist. You don't need anything fancy — even a plastic cup will do — but be sure to keep it separate from your usual drinking glasses.


A cauldron, like this mini hanging cauldron by WitchsWayCraft, $29 at Etsy.

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To represent the earth element, you can lay flowers at your altar, or collect dirt and sand into a cauldron. I like collecting leaves from fallen trees and dried flower petals, and burning them in my cauldron with sprinkles of herbs and incense.


A Book of Shadows, like this vegan leather journal by Magic of I., $28 at Magic of I.

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And lastly, you'll need a Book of Shadows to collect your rituals. In your BoS, you can write down your favorite potion blend recipes, chants and prayers that are especially meaningful, and record your night and day dreams.