iskra lawrence

Iskra Lawrence.

photo: Instagram/iamiskra

As a model for lingerie brand Aerie, Iskra Lawrence is no stranger to baring all.

She's just never done it on a New York City subway before.

The curvy model recently interrupted a bunch of commuters' train ride to deliver a heartfelt message about her relationship to her body in an effort to connect with these strangers — and she did it in her underwear.

Lawrence boarded the train wearing a simple black dress.

In typical New York-style, some commuters paid her no mind... at first.

But then the dress comes off, and suddenly Lawrence has everyone's full attention.

And sure, it's hard not to stare when someone just starts stripping in the middle of a subway car, but Lawrence's message is important, and goes way beyond the fact that she's unclothed.

"I grew up hating what I saw in the mirror because society told me I wasn't good enough," she says.

Society and the media creates a narrow definition of what beauty is, she says, when really, "we are so much more than that!"

Lawrence urges everyone listening to her to take the same approach to body image.

"When you get home today, do not pick out your insecurities," she says. "Do not pick out the things that society told you were not good enough, because you are so much more than that."

"Thank you all for being so different... because that's what makes us beautiful," she concludes to applause.

"And I will put clothes back on!" she jokes.

Watch the whole video below: