Opinions aside, many women have aspirations to reach a certain "ideal" weight in the near future, if not right this second.

The question is how much they’d actually be willing to give up in order to get there.

A new study by diet delivery meal service Personal Trainer Food and research firm YouGov found that a shockingly high number of millennials would give up the internet FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR in order to reach their goal weights (one in 10, to be exact). One in eight said they’d give up their phones for a year for the same.

“Healthy food has become an inconvenience” to many people, Personal Trainer Food CEO Mike Starks said in a news release. “Based on our research, it’s clear that Americans hate dieting so much they would be willing to give up a whole lot to hit their ideal weight.”

Starks seems to focus primarily on one problem: that Americans, particularly millennial Americans, hate dieting, and therefore aren’t buying healthy food, and that is the reason they’re not losing weight. Skipping for now the fact that he boxes “healthy food” and “dieting” in the same category, can we talk about the fact that millennials would give up ALL OF THE INTERNET to reach an ambiguous goal weight? 

That includes Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and even texting, if they’re giving up their phones, too. They’re literally giving up their digital lifeblood, launching themselves back into the dark ages in order to change their bodies in a way that may not even be healthy, depending on what said goal weight is.

The study goes on further to say that one in eight millennials value losing weight and looking fit over their careers. Sad, right? Unfortunately though, it's very telling about the state of our society right now — one which puts weight and vanity and who we are on the outside above the things that make us truly beautiful on the inside.