The average bra size for women in the US may be a 34DD, but for women who have the desire, and the money, to take matters (and by "matters" we mean "boobs") into their own hands, a DD is not what they're going for.

I spoke with eight plastic surgeons, all of whom said the same thing with very little variation: Women are overwhelmingly requesting C cups on the operating table.

"The prevailing tendency for breast augmentation today is for a smaller, more natural augmentation," said Dr. Gilbert Lee, a cosmetic surgeon at Changes Plastic Surgery. "A 'C' cup is commonly requested — followed by a whisper of 'small D.'"

"Most patients say they want to be in the 'C range,'" agreed Dr. David Shafer, who noted that for some patients this could be a small enhancement, and for other a dramatic difference. It all depends on the size of the implant, which is measured in cubic centimeters. 

"A 300-cc implant in a small-framed person would make a dramatic enhancement. However, the same 300-cc implant in a larger person would not make much of a difference at all."

Dr. John Zannis said the reason many women want this size? Convenience. "This size works with most body frames and good-fitting clothing and bras are easy to find."

photo: "Mean Girls"

Dr. Alexes Hazen, associate professor at Hansjorg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center, noted that "the patient's and doctor's idea of what a C means may differ," because among different bra brands, the size of a C cup can vary.

When asked about how the size has trended over the last few years, all of the doctors agreed: Bigger isn't always better, and their patients are realizing that.

"There is a swing in taste about breast sizes every few years. Two decades ago the 'Bay Watch' look was in with larger breasts," said Dr. Renato Calabria, but lately women are opting for smaller breasts (and putting more emphasis on larger buttocks, added Dr. Lee).

However, Dr. Calabria warned, "I recommend my patients to not follow the trends and keep breast cups very natural and proportioned to their body." 

That way, for those who do decide to alter their lady lumps, "late complications of larger implants like rippling, sagging of the breasts, and scar tissue are avoided in the long run."

photo: "Mean Girls"

I also spoke with Dr. Constantino Mendieta, Dr. Rakhesh Guttikonda, and Dr. Joseph Russo, who said a C is their patients' most requested size as well.