Shapewear and I have a tumutuous past.

But it seems I and the women who loathe shapewear have found a kindred spirit in this model, who reminded us all of the very real cost that constrictive underthings can have.

Model Khrysty Ana called out the pain many women go through to achieve a "conventionally acceptable" level of beauty.

She wrote on her Instagram:

"Oh how we love our shapers, our tight jeans, bras that obsessively embrace us so much to only suffocate our natural form. Oh why woman, why? I can't go a day without seeing an Ad of these new body shaping suits, because apparently small waist, thick butt and large DD's are what we should ALL look like."

She shared photos of what these "beautifying" garments actually do, from the agony of blistered feet (from her "very sexy high heels") to the welts left by uncomfortable bras.

"Woman, oh how we love a little pain here and there, waxing, tweezing, tanning/burning, bleaching, scrubbing... that's fine. Nothing against what we want, but tell me woman, is that what you really truly want?"

But perhaps the most powerful photo was the one where you can clearly see her legs turn a blue-ish shade from wearing too-tight shapewear for a few hours.

She also called out the "long-term" damage that shapewear can have on your body, claiming issues like nerve damage and infertility — though Self Magazine fact-checked her with an actual doctor. Dr. Hilary Hawkins set the record straight that too-tight shapewear injuries are temporary, but the M.D. did note that wearing tight shapewear for extended periods can increase the risk of  vaginal infections.

The main takeaway, though, is to know that you are beautiful with or without these body shaping tools. Never forget it, and thanks to Khrysty Ana for the powerful reminder.