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Where were you when you discovered that Goop was selling a vagina-scented candle? If you're like me, you were furiously clicking on the Goop site, trying to purchase the $75 candle by Heretic (it's been sold out for over a week). But if you've been wondering where you can get the XY chromosome version, rest assured, the penis-scented candle is here.

Instagram account Esteé Laundry first linked out to the penis candle.

No, it's not a joke, folks! The penis-scented candle is real, albeit not yet for sale. As Esteé Laundry first reported, the candle is not made by Heretic — it's made by Taxi, a creative agency based in Canada. It used Heretic's exact font and design to create this candle, and Taxi is taking preorders.

That's right, it's not for sale yet!

Like the vagina-scented candle, this penis-scented candle is similarly hard to get a grip on (sorry, I had to). Taxi is offering preorders for the candle, which will retail for a cool $100. No word on when it will come (sorry again).

There's a reason why it costs $100.

The original vagina-scented candle retails for $75. So why does this half-joke candle cost $100? Because, as Taxi explains, it's meant to capture the gender pay gap in Canada. According to the Canadian Women's Foundation, women earn $0.75 for every dollar that a man earns. "It's time to burn the gender pay gap," said Taxi.

What would a penis-scented candle smell like?

Hmmm, when I think of the penis scent, I think of...

•not getting a text back

•seeing photos of exes on their Instagrams after they stopped texting me

•getting drunk 2 a.m. texts like "wanna sext" after their fling with their ex blows up spectacularly

•eventually getting ghosted for good

•seeing them on dating apps and wanting to swipe on them just to let them know I still want to make out BUT deciding against it because they don't deserve me

•later, making out with one of their friends

•cycle continues