This has to end.

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Fat-shaming is everywhere — in the comments section, in our workplaces, on the street, and yes, in our doctor's offices. 

The doctor's office should be a safe place; we put our lives in their hands. But rude comments and stereotypical diagnoses can make it feel like anything but. 

The reality of that feeling is being laid bare in the hashtag #FatSideStories, which was created by Ali Thompson and KC Slack, two body positive enforcers. 

"I hoped [the hashtag] would help people feel like they had a space to share their stories, where they would be believed and not blamed," said Slack. 

While weight is definitely a topic that can and should be discussed between you and your doctor, it shouldn't overshadow other important health conversations. Here are 14 #FatSideStories about going to the doctor's office that too many people can relate to. 


People feel like they're not getting a true diagnosis.

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This is despicable.

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When you're bleeding, you don't have the luxury of waiting to get a second opinion... and it can be really scary.

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So many people can relate to this.

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Ask me about my diet, fine. Fat-shame me before I can even answer? I'm finding a new doctor.

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If a thin person suddenly loses weight, doctors get concerned. If a fat person suddenly loses weight...

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Even where there's no scale in the office, weight is an issue.

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More assumptions.

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No words.

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This is what happens when doctors ONLY see fat.

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Never let the fear of the scale or one person's comments keep you from seeing a doctor.

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I, too, have a #FatSideStories experience to share.

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