Did you know you literally need your ribs to breathe? Yeah, it's not up to just your lungs. They're what keep your body's chest cavity large enough for lungs to expand and contract when you inhale and exhale air — if you didn't have 'em, let's just say you wouldn't last very long.

That's why it's always so shocking when rumors float around about celebrities getting their ribs surgically removed from their bodies. For decades, urban legend has suggested that goth-rock icon Marilyn Manson had his ribs removed so he could be flexible enough to... we won't even finish that sentence, but you know what we're referring to. Even just this spring, it was rumored that Kim Kardashian had ribs removed to narrow her waistline just before the Met Gala — but that was merely the work of an impossibly tight corset.

And while rib removal surgery is, in reality, extremely rare, there are a few people with the guts and determination to undergo it. Take "living cartoon" Pixee Fox, for example. She had surgery to remove six of her lower ribs, all in the name of having the tiniest possible waistline.