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Julie Creffield remembers the moment a kid called out, "Run, fatty, run," at her first 3K vividly. That kind of stigma fueled her to start Too Fat To Run, an online club for plus-size runners. Her message is simple: Embrace the body you have NOW and focus on being happy and healthy.

"Many people simply think that running is something that FAT women can't or shouldn't do at all, including some medical professionals, and I am on a mission to prove otherwise," she wrote on her website.


Roz Mays, aka Roz the Diva, isn't leaving it all on the field — she's working it on the pole. As a pole dancing teacher for women and men of all sizes, she promotes confidence and a killer workout.

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"For anybody who thinks they are too big or too heavy to try pole dancing, throw on some sparkly booty shorts and try it anyway!" she told Revelist. 
Check her full story here.


Krista Henderson got into triathlons because she wanted to lose weight, but she stuck with it because it made her feel awesome. And that's what made her start Born to Reign, a plus-size training resource that is about so much more than weight loss.

"My advice is not to focus on the weight loss, focus on what it means to get stronger and fitter. Your goals could be how do you run five seconds faster or ride 10 miles at a certain RPM. Those goals are more healthy and confidence building," she told Total Women's Cycling