Plus-size model and #effyourbeautystandards founder Tess Holliday has probably received every insult under the sun, and her retorts are always so on point.

(Especially if they're directed at Facebook.)

tess holliday
photo: Instagram/Tess Holliday

So when a Twitter user bullied Holliday with an image from her interview with Paper magazine (Photoshopped to look like an orca), Holliday knew just what to say...

"I hope not. Whales are majestic as fuck."

This isn't just a comeback, y'all — it's the world's biggest MIC DROP.

Her response solicited a huge amount of support from other Twitter users.

Holliday added an additional message on Instagram for the guy:

People will try & come for you, they will try & steal your shine. They will try & diminish all the hard work you've done because to some, it's impossible to wrap their small brains around the fact that plus size, fat, & however you identify (or don't) deserve happiness. 

Well, as a a FAT, SUCCESSFUL MODEL who LOVES HER BODY & literally doesn't give a FUCKKKKKK, I'm here to tell you they will try, & they will fail. Don't give in. Also, Orcas are gahhhhdamn miracles so shut it.

And there's been no further response from Mr. "Cock Van der Palm" about the image since.

*flips hair*

h/t The Daily Mail